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Incidence in Berlin remains almost unchanged: 752


The incidence of Coronavirus in Berlin has stagnated at about 752 on Friday (April 08, 2022).

On Thursday, the number of new infections in the past seven days per 100,000 inhabitants was only slightly higher. Berlin continues to be the German state with the fewest recorded new infections, followed by Brandenburg and Hamburg. This was announced by the Robert Koch Institute this morning. The Germany-wide average fell to 1181.

Many cases of infection probably not recorded

4975 new cases of infection were reported by Berlin's public health departments. The total number of all registered infections in the past two years was now around 941,000. Four new deaths were added. Thus, according to the statistics, a total of 4406 people died in Berlin in connection with the virus. Experts point out that many cases of infection are likely to be unrecorded by the official data. Many infections are no longer confirmed via a PCR test. Only these count in the statistics.

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Publication date: 8 April 2022
Last updated: 8 April 2022

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