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More Coronavirus tests for students and teachers after the holidays

Corona und Schule

Ein Kit für einen Corona-Schnelltest liegt auf dem Federmäppchen eines Schülers.

Corona testing at Berlin's schools will be temporarily extended after the two-week Easter holidays.

From April 25, daily tests will be compulsory for students and school employees alike for one week instead of three tests a week. The Senate Department explained the new testing rule on Thursday (07 April 2022) in response to a dpa enquiry. In addition, students will receive Coronavirus tests before the start of the holidays this Saturday so that they can be tested at home at the end of the holidays before the first day of school.

More tests as a precautionary measure

The change is seen as a precautionary measure to be prepared in case of an increase in Coronavirus infections during the holidays and to detect them quickly. The hope is to prevent or limit infections at school in this way. Education Secretary Alexander Slotty defended the continuation of testing in schools, even though the vast majority of Corona protection measures have not been in place since April 1.

"Absolutely the right measure"

"We still have a certain incidence of infection in Berlin. Unfortunately, the federal legislation has taken away our option to making masks compulsory in schools," Slotty said in the House of Representatives. Regular testing therefore offers teachers and pupils a last chance for some protection, he said. "I can say that this is absolutely the right measure for Berlin from our point of view, and we will continue with it for the time being."

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Publication date: 7 April 2022
Last updated: 7 April 2022

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