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Coronavirus incidence in Berlin comparatively low


Contrary to the national trend, Coronavirus infection numbers are down in Berlin.

In the past seven days, the health offices recorded 765.6 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. The numbers were published in the Senate's situation report on Monday (March 14, 2022). On Monday last week, the incidence had still been at 883.7, seven days earlier at 1106.7. Berlin thus has the lowest seven-day incidence of the German states. According to data from the Robert Koch Institute, the national average is 1543.

Fewer intensive care beds occupied by Covid patients

However, experts assume that a high number of cases are not recorded in the official data, with reasons being the capacity of health offices and the fact that many infections are no longer confirmed via a PCR test. However, the proportion of ICU beds occupied by patients with a Covid-19 infection is also declining in Berlin. On Monday, it was 10.2 percent, down from 11.4 percent a week ago and 13 percent two weeks ago.

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Further information: Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Publication date: 14 March 2022
Last updated: 14 March 2022

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