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Coronavirus rules relaxed: clubs allowed to reopen


Berlin eases some Coronavirus restrictions: unvaccinated people are now allowed back into restaurants and clubs are reopening. However, even for clubgoers who already received their booster vaccination, the rule is: first test, then dance.

The 3G rule now applies in the restaurant and hotel industry: in addition to vaccinated and recovered persons, unvaccinated persons with a same-day negative test may now also be guests there again. 3G also applies to services close to the bodym such as hairdressing and beauty salons, as well as in gyms, dance studios, indoor swimming pools, saunas and spas, adult education centers, music schools, and driving schools.

More participants allowed at events

For indoor events with 11 to 2000 people indoors, the 3G rule applies and FFP2 masks are mandatory. The same goes for outdoor events with 1001 to 2000 people. For large events, more attendees are permitted as well. In closed rooms, a maximum of 60 percent of the seats or capacity may be used. There is no upper limit on the number of people.

Clubs allowed to reopen

A maximum of 75 percent of the seats may be filled at large outdoor events, and a maximum of 25,000 people are permitted - for example in soccer stadiums. For such events, the 2G-plus rule applies: vaccinated and recovered persons must also present a negative test result, except for those who already received their booster shot. FFP2 masks are also mandatory. Furthermore, clubs are allowed to reopen. Here, too, the 2G plus rule applies: recovered and vaccinated persons, and boostered persons as well in this case, must be tested if they want to go on the dance floor.

No upper limit for private meetings of vaccinated and recovered persons

Private meetings of vaccinated and recovered persons are now possible without any limit for the number of persons attending. However, if someone who is neither vaccinated or recovered attends, a limit of one household and up to two people from another household applies. According to the Senate's plan, all but a few of the remaining Coronavirus restrictions will be eliminated on March 19.

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Publication date: 4 March 2022
Last updated: 4 March 2022

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