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2G plus rule: exemptions for newly vaccinated and recovered people

Eine Friseurin nimmt eine Haarschere aus ihrer Tasche

Eine Friseurin nimmt eine Haarschere aus ihrer Tasche.

Starting Saturday (Feb. 5, 2022), additional exemptions from mandatory testing in the expanded 2G model or 2G Plus model will apply - such as for newly vaccinated and recovering individuals.

No additional testing required for newly vaccinated and newly recovered persons

On Tuesday (Feb. 1, 2022), the Senate passed a corresponding amendment to Berlin's Infection Protection Ordinance. The change affects, among other things, body-related services, such as visits to hairdressers or beauty salons. In these sectors, the extended 2G rule applies: visitors must be vaccinated or recovered. In addition, either a face mask obligation or an additional testing obligation applies. Previously, only persons with a booster vaccination were exempt from the latter. Startin Saturday, newly vaccinated and newly recovered persons also do not have to present a test. "Newly" means three months or less in each case.

Corona warning app to be adapted shortly

The additional exemptions from the testing requirement also apply at events and for the restaurant industry. As Senator for Health Ulrike Gote explained on Tuesday after the Senate meeting, this means that freshly vaccinated or newly recovered persons no longer have to present a negative test in order to enter a restaurant. One reason for the change, she said, was a promise from the federal government that the Corona Warning app would soon be adjusted to reflect the 2G-plus status. "Unfortunately, even on February 1, I still don't know whether we will actually get an update next week or the week after," the senator criticized. That's why the Berlin Senate decided to implement the "2G plus test" regulation now, she said.

Author: dpa
Publication date: 2 February 2022
Last updated: 2 February 2022

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