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Coronavirus incidence in Berlin just below 1600


The incidence of Coronavirus in Berlin has continued to rise. In the past seven days, approximately 1593 out of 100,000 people got infected with Covid-19.

Over 13.000 new Coronavirus cases

These numbers were reported by the Robert Koch Institute on Tuesday morning (Jan. 25, 2022). A week ago, the incidence had been at 962.8. The incidence in Hamburg also rose above 1,500 on Tuesday, while the national average was around 894. In Berlin, 13,212 new Coronavirus infections were registered, bringing the total number since the beginning of the pandemic to just under 468,000. Three new deaths were reported, bringing the total number of Covid-related deaths in Berlin to 4088 so far.

Hospitalization rate relatively constant for weeks

According to the city's health administration, about 15 of every 100,000 Berlin residents went to the hospital for treatment in the past seven days. The corresponding traffic light in the Senate's warning system was set to red. It still shows a yellow signal for the occupancy of ICUs with Coronavirus patiens, which has been relatively constant for weeks and amounted to 17.5 percent on Tuesday.

Publication date: 25 January 2022
Last updated: 25 January 2022

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