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Limited regular operations in Berlin daycare centers


Starting next Monday (Jan. 24, 2022), Berlin's daycare centers are expected to return to limited regular operations.

Limited regular operations due to high Coronavirus incidence

The decision was announced by the Senate on Wednesday (Jan. 19, 2022). The reintroduction of limited regular operations is a reaction to the sharply rising Coronavirus incidences in Berlin and serves primarily to minimize contact. Furthermore, daycare centers can also call in parents and people from outside the field to provide supervision in the event of staff shortages.

Limited care hours possible

All children with a childcare contract will continue to be cared for. However, shortened hours can be . However, a minimum care time of 7 hours has been set. Furthermore, care within limited regular operations must be provided in fixed groups of a maximum of 25 children.

Mandatory testing at Berlin daycare centers

Last Monday, the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Families already announced mandatory testing at Berlin daycare centers for children aged 1 year and older. This regulation will also come into force on January 24, 2022. So-called lollipop tests will be used, which are more convenient to use, especially for toddlers. Three tests per week are mandatory - one on Monday, the other two days are determined by the daycare center.

Publication date: 14 April 2024
Last updated: 20 January 2022

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