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New town twinning with Kyiv: Vitali Klitschko in Berlin

Vitali Klitschko

Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine

Berlin and Kyiv plan to seal their new twinning agreement on Thursday.

For this purpose, Berlin's Governing Mayor Kai Wegner (CDU) will receive his Kyiv colleague Vitali Klitschko at the Brandenburg Gate and in the Red Town Hall. This was announced by the Senate Chancellery announced on Monday.

Twinning as a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine

Berlin's CDU and SPD parties had already agreed in principle to twinning with Kyiv during their coalition negotiations. The parliamentary groups of both coalition partners then advanced the issue in the House of Representatives. In addition to Kyiv, Tel Aviv is also to become a new twin city. Klitschko had written to Wegner in May and asked the governing mayor about the possibility of a city partnership. According to the SPD, the twinning agreement is a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine. The country has been defending itself against the Russian invasion since February 2022.

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Publication date: 11 September 2023
Last updated: 12 September 2023

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