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General Music Director to Leave Deutsche Oper in Berlin 2026

Donald Runnicles

Sir Donald Runnicles

The General Music Director of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Sir Donald Runnicles, wants to leave the opera as early as 2026.

He wants to end his contract, which runs until 2027, early, the Senate Department for Culture announced on Friday. For family reasons, the 68-year-old wants to increasingly move his centre of life to the USA, it added.

"Looking forward to the three years still ahead of us"

"I have had an extremely enriching time in my years as Music Director at this wonderful opera house with its great artists and highly motivated staff, and I look forward to the three years still ahead of us," Sir Runnicles said, according to the statement.

"Comprehensive artistic new beginning" for Aviel Cahn

Under Sir Runnicles, "Deutsche Oper Berlin has established itself as a pillar of Berlin's opera and cultural landscape with international appeal", said Berlin's Senator for Culture Joe Chialo (CDU). The new artistic director Aviel Cahn, who will start in 2026 and then succeed Dietmar Schwarz, will thus have a "comprehensive new artistic start". It has not yet been announced who will be the new music director.

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Publication date: 2 September 2023
Last updated: 2 September 2023