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Prinzenbad and Olympiabad open until October

Outdoor pool

People swimming in an outdoor pool.

In the Prinzenbad and the Olympiabad, swimming enthusiasts will probably be able to swim their laps outdoors until October. The pool in Kreuzberg will remain open until 30 October, according to the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe (BBB).

The Sommerbad am Olympiastadion opens up to and including 1 October. The Staaken-West summer pool will also remain open longer than planned: Instead of 28 August, swimming is possible there up to and including 3 September. The extension of the season for other summer pools may follow and is currently still being coordinated, the statement added.

Indoor season of the pools starts at the end of August

The bathing companies justified the extension with the fact that there is often still bathing weather in September. Also, many people still want to swim outdoors at the beginning of the indoor season, Claudia Blankennagel, a spokeswoman, explained on request. Video surveillance at entrances and exits and compulsory identification would also be maintained during the extension. The indoor season will start from 28 August, the halls will open gradually.

"Sport Bad" project aims to encourage young people to do sport

According to Blankennagel, the project for the prevention of violence in the Prinzenbad entitled "Sport Bad", which started on Friday, will run until 3 September. "The measure takes an innovative approach that combines youth social work and sports, and invites young bathers in particular to participate in sports," Interior and Sports Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) announced on the social media platform X on Friday. According to the BBB, young people can let off steam on a part of the sunbathing lawn with basketball, volleyball, table tennis and football. The offer is intended to complement the safety measures in place.

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Publication date: 19 August 2023
Last updated: 19 August 2023

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