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Blasting site in Grunewald: Fewer explosive substances stored

Sprengplatz Grunewald

After the fire at the blasting site in Grunewald, the amount of explosive materials stored there has been significantly reduced, according to the Senate's internal administration.

Currently, there are 4.4 tonnes, it said on Wednesday. Before the fire almost a year ago, 12.9 tonnes of net explosive mass (NEM) - the mass of explosives without packaging - had been stored there.

Current standards implemented

Police Commissioner Barbara Slowik emphasised: "The reconstruction of the blasting site in Grunewald was used to implement current standards. As a result, the amount of explosives stored could be significantly reduced." On 4 August 2022, a fire had broken out in a secured storage room at the blasting site. There were numerous explosions due to the police storing illegal fireworks on the site, as well as bomb duds, grenades and World War II ammunition. According to the fire brigade, the extinguishing work became the most difficult and longest operation since the war.

Extension of fire protection

Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) affirmed that there was no alternative to the blasting site. "Above all, the location, far away from the nearest residential development, as well as short access routes are a significant advantage," she stressed. Fire protection should be expanded. This includes, for example, installing an additional hose system at the boundary of the site for a so-called bar, which creates a "wall" of water mist. This should prevent sparks and the spread of fire.

Open blasting only in exceptional cases

Environment Senator Manja Schreiner (CDU) emphasised that open blasting should only be carried out "in exceptional cases". As a rule, hazardous substances and objects should only be temporarily stored at the blasting site. Destruction should take place "in suitable other facilities". For this purpose, the good cooperation with Brandenburg should be continued, Schreiner said.

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Publication date: 2 August 2023
Last updated: 2 August 2023

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