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Coliform bacteria: Health authority advises against swimming in Flughafensee

Farbiges Spiegelbild

View of Flughafensee.

Elevated levels of coliform bacteria were detected at Flughafensee Lake in Reinickendorf.

As part of preventive health protection, the Berlin's swimming lakes are regularly examined. The Berlin State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Lageso) is currently advising against swimming in Flughafensee due to the coliform bacteria detected. Further follow-up investigations have been initiated.

No elevated levels of E. coli and intestinal enterococci

The reason for the elevated levels of coliform bacteria may be heavy rainfall, which can cause untreated wastewater to enter water bodies. According to the Lageso, coliform bacteria, which also occur in nature, do not necessarily indicate health-relevant fecal contamination. The relevant indicators E. coli and intestinal enterococci are present in harmless quantities in the lake.

Author: BerlinOnline/dpa/
Publication date: 4 July 2023
Last updated: 4 July 2023

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