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«Heat kills»: Campaign to inform Berliners about heat protection

Trinken bei Hitze

In view of climate change, a campaign by the Berlin Senate want to make people in Berlin more aware of the health risks of heat.

President of the Berlin medical association Peter Bobbert said on Monday that even in the year 2023, people do not yet see heat as danger to their health.

«Heat kills people, year after year.»

Despite the large number of heat deaths, Bobbert said, people did not notice the daanger, partly because there are no dramatic images of overcrowded hospitals due to high heat. "A heat-related death is a lonely one, a quiet one, and not perceived by the public," Bobbert said. Many of those affected by heat are lonely, single people in need of care or people with pre-existing diseases.

Heat wave prevention measures

Bobbert said that people should not think that there is nothing they can do - in fact, prevention is crucial. Tips on how to behave during heat waves are to be distributed on postcards and in brochures in Berlin, for example, via pharmacies, food distribution points or homeless shelters.

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Publication date: 13 June 2023
Last updated: 13 June 2023

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