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CDO: Martina Klement new Permanent Secretary for Digital Affairs

Red City Hall

Red Town Hall

Martina Klement has been appointed as the new Permanent Secretary for Digital Affairs in the Berlin Senate Chancellery. With this, the Bavarian-born will take up her duties as Chief Digital Officer (CDO), as announced by the Senate Chancellery on Friday.

The governing mayor Kai Wegner (CDU) had already appointed and sworn in the new Permanent Secretary on Thursday evening. With the new post, Martina Klement will be responsible for the digitalisation and modernisation of the administration.

Digitisation of the administration a "mega-task"

"I want to ensure that Berlin functions a little better every day and that our city becomes a capable, innovative and future-oriented city at all levels," said Klement, who previously worked for the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport. The modernisation and digitalisation of the administration is a "mega-task" for Berlin. Berliners rightly had a right to feel improvements in administrative services quickly. Wegner described the 42-year-old as an "absolute expert" who brings a lot of experience with her.

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Publication date: 5 May 2023
Last updated: 5 May 2023

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