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Supply of daycare places in Berlin slightly improved


According to the Department for Education, the supply of daycare places in Berlin has improved in many districts.

"Nevertheless, the expansion must continue to be driven forward and continuously designed," State Secretary for Families Aziz Bozkurt (SPD) explained on Tuesday.

Particularly urgent need for daycare places in 67 of 143 regions

A new atlas shows the need for support in expanding daycare centers. In this atlas, Berlin is divided into 143 regions, and the need for daycare places is recorded in five categories. Additional daycare places are needed particularly urgently in 67 regions of the capital. In these regions, there are either no or only small reserves of places, and demand will increase in the future.

187,500 Kindergarten and daycare places in Berlin

The funding atlas is the basis for the allocation of funding by the State of Berlin. According to the atlas, 28 regions are not eligible for funding - either because there are still space reserves, because an increase in supply has been assured or a because the need for daycare places there will decline in the future. According to the state administration, 187,500 daycare and daycare places were offered in Berlin at the end of March, of which 177,400 places were occupied.

Author: dpa
Publication date: 27 April 2023
Last updated: 27 April 2023

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