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Tegel Terminal A: Conversion into university campus can begin

Ehemaliger Flughafen Tegel

A cameraman films the empty terminal of the former Tegel Airport.

The conversion of Terminal A at the former Tegel Airport into a university site can begin with some delay.

The complex was handed over to the construction department of the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing on 15 March, the department announced on Friday.

Demolition measures start in external areas

In the first phase, projects such as the dismantling of old technical equipment, the gutting and the remediation of pollutants in the building will be implemented. Demolition work will also begin in the outdoor areas. This will be followed by the conversion of the terminal into a university building.

Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology moves into Terminal

The former terminal will be used in future by the Berlin University of Applied Sciencesand Technology, whose campus is currently located in Wedding. Several departments are to move to Tegel. According to information, there is no exact timetable for the renovation and the students' move-in.

Delays in the start of construction for the accommodation of refugees from Ukraine

Originally, construction was to begin in July 2022. However, due to the heavy influx of war refugees from Ukraine, buildings of the former airport, including Terminal A, were needed in the meantime for the reception and accommodation of these people and other refugees. This delayed the preparations for the actual subsequent use of the airport. At the moment, Terminal C and additionally erected lightweight halls at the site are still available for refugees.

Urban Tech Republic to be built on airport grounds

The so-called Urban Tech Republic is to be built on the extensive airport grounds. This is a new district with research and industrial sites and a residential quarter. A congress and start-up centre is planned in Terminal B.

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Publication date: 17 March 2023
Last updated: 17 March 2023

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