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Berliners can now apply for housing benefits online


More households have been entitled to housing benefit since the turn of the year - in Berlin, the corresponding application can now also be submitted online.

"This will enable us to make applications quickly and without complications," the Senate Department for Urban Development, Construction and Housing announced Monday. Berlin has prepared "as early as possible" for the implementation of the reform, "because it is important to us that low-income households are relieved of high and rising housing costs," said Senator Andreas Geisel.

Subsidy increased by 190 euros per month

Housing benefits can be applied for by households that do not receive social benefits but still have little money. This applies to both tenants and owners of apartments and houses who use their own homes. The reform at the turn of the year is expected to add up to 1.4 million new households to the 600,000 currently receiving housing benefit. The state subsidy will be increased by an average of 190 euros per month. This means that eligible households will receive an average of around 370 euros a month.

Author: dpa/
Publication date: 2 January 2023
Last updated: 2 January 2023

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