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Improvements for delivery traffic: Mobility Act complete


After several attempts, the Berlin Mobility Act is now complete.

On Tuesday, the Senate decided on the last two chapters to be added to it for the time being, as Environment and Mobility Senator Bettina Jarasch (Greens) announced after the Senate meeting on Tuesday. A central topic is delivery traffic. It is precisely this part of the law that Berlin's business community has been waiting for for a long time, she said. "We have set a priority for delivery traffic," said Jarasch. After all, delivery traffic accounts for 30 per cent of motorised traffic on Berlin's roads.

Loading and delivery zones to get priority

"This means that when we talk about scarce spaces, including scarce parking spaces and car parks, it is clear that loading and delivery zones must have priority," the Green politician said. "And that is as it should be." Jarasch announced that a route network for heavy goods transport would also be developed. At the same time, she said, the aim is to keep truck traffic out of residential areas even better than before and to convert truck fleets to emission-free drives. "That is what we are promoting."

Berlin Mobility Act in force since summer 2018

The bill will now go to the Council of Mayors and then be discussed again in the Senate. After that, the House of Representatives will have to debate it. The Berlin Mobility Act has been in force since summer 2018 and initially focused on public transport and cycling, with a section on walking added at the beginning of 2021. The red-red-green coalition then failed to pass the last two chapters as planned before the elections to the House of Representatives in September 2021.

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Publication date: 21 December 2022
Last updated: 21 December 2022

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