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Meike Kamp is Berlin's new data protection commissioner

Blick auf Musterdatenschutzerklärung

Lawyer Meike Kamp is Berlin's new data protection commissioner.

The House of Representatives elected the 47-year-old to the post on Thursday with a broad majority. Kamp is an IT lawyer specializing in e-privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation and freedom of the media and information. Most recently, she worked for the state of Bremen as a session representative in the Legal and Internal Affairs Committee of the Bundesrat. From 2010 to 2019, she already worked at the Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection as head of a legal unit.

Meike Kampf succeeds Maja Smoltczyk

Maja Smoltczyk served as Berlin's Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information until October 2021. The Data Protection Commissioner monitors compliance with rules on the protection of personal data.

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Publication date: 7 October 2022
Last updated: 7 October 2022

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