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Berlin Senate to adopt shorter Covid isolation period


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The isolation period for people with a Coronavirus infection in Berlin will be shortened. The Senate will pass a resolution to this effect at its meeting on Tuesday (May 03, 2022).

The plan is that infected persons will only have to remain in isolation for five days if they are symptom-free for 48 hours and can show a negative test. Previously, seven to ten days of isolation were required based on various criteria.

Agreement by federal and state governments

The Senate had already put the issue on its agenda a week ago, but postponed it again because of open questions. Most recently, the health ministers of the federal government and the German states had also discussed the shortening of the deadline once again and agreed in principle. Rhey cited increasing immunity amonf the population and milder courses of disease with the Omicron variant as reasons for the planned shortening of the isolation period.

Taxi fares at BER Airport as further topic at the Senate meeting

Another topic on the agenda of the Senate meeting are the cab fares at BER Airport. The Senate is planning a resolution to introduce a uniform fare structure for all trips from the airport - regardless of whether the cab comes from Berlin or from the Brandenburg district of Dahme-Spreewald, on whose territory the airport is located. In addition, Berlin cab drivers will be allowed to charge a surcharge of €1.50 per trip from BER to cover the costs of using the cab waiting zones at the airport. Cabs from the Dahme-Spree district have already been charging this surcharge for some time.

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Publication date: 3 May 2022
Last updated: 3 May 2022

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