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Climate protection program: start of online participation for Berliners

Frisches Grün am Gendarmenmarkt

Berliners can now participate online in the development of the climate protection program.

Evaluate and supplement planned measures

The Senate Department for Climate Protection announced that the current measures are already available on the online platform "". Starting February 16, 2022, Berliners will have one month to evaluate and comment on them or contribute their own ideas to the future Energy and Climate Protection Program (BEK). The program has been in development since the fall with regards to the desired climate neutrality in 2045. The online participation process is intended to enable Berlin citizens to exert an influence.

Berlin Citizens' Climate Council is formed

According to the Senate Department, the mandatory basis for climate protection in the state of Berlin is the Berlin Climate Protection and Energy Transition Act, which sets binding climate targets. Compared to 1990, climate-damaging CO2 emissions are to be reduced by at least 70 percent by 2030 and by at least 95 percent by 2045. The responsible Senator, Bettina Jarasch (Green Party), had announced the start of the selection process for the first Berlin Citizens' Climate Council on February 3. Besides the online participation program, this is another way to get involved in climate protection.

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Publication date: 15 February 2022
Last updated: 15 February 2022

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