Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

The Museum of Communications shows the history of all things communicative.

Museum für Kommunikation

© Museum für Kommunikation/Michael Ehrhart

Outside – elegant neo-Baroque architecture laced with modern blue neon. Inside – friendly robots in the atrium, and the history of all things communicative. The Museum of Communications was founded as a postal museum in 1872, the world’s oldest such collection, and has been in its present ornate location since 1897.

On permanent exhibition are tools of the written word - wax seals, postcards and stamps (such as the famous Blue Mauritius), agents of the spoken and visual word – telephones (including some of the first), radios and film, and of the virtual – telegraphs and computers.

The museum’s interactive and lively approach makes it an ideal destination for kids, but adults will appreciate the temporary exhibitions featuring cutting edge artists. On the outer wall of the museum, observant visitors will hear a sound art collage of music, language and everyday noises. A comfortable walk from Checkpoint Charlie or Potsdamer Platz.


Leipziger Straße 16
10117 Berlin
+49 30 202 94 0
Opening Hours
Tue 9-20 Wed-Fri 9-17, Sat-Sun and public holidays 10-18
Admission Fee
5 Euro, red. 3 Euro
Guided Tours
Guided tours by arrangement (phone: +49 30 202 94 204)

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