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Märkisches Museum

Märkisches Museum Berlin

The Märkisches Museum gives visitors a glimpse of the life, history, and culture of Berlin.

Built between 1901 and 1908, the red brick cathedral-like complex of the Märkisches Museum holds a history of Berlin as distinctive as its residents. Instead of a straightforward history lesson, expect a variety of themed rooms that give visitors a glimpse of the life, work, and culture of Berlin.

The museum, just steps away from the banks of the river Spree, explores the at times tumultuous evolution of this historic city and the nearby Brandenburg region through coins, weapons, posters, city models, sculptures, and more. Favourites include the tour of mechanical musical instruments, presented every Sunday at 3pm, and the seven original graffiti-bedecked segments of the Berlin Wall.

Also notable is the Kaiserpanorama, in its day one of the most technologically advanced and awe-inspiring forms of entertainment. This stereoscope dating from the 1880’s offers a 3-D show of images to up to 25 people at a time. The Märkisches Museum is the headquarters of Berlin’s City Museum Foundation, which holds more than 4 million artworks and documents; on display in this neo-Gothic architectural collage is a rich sampling of this collection.

Current exhibitions at Märkisches Museum

Wall pieces

The Wall divided Berlin for exactly 28 years, 2 months and 26 days. Seven original wall segments and an audio station with authentic sound documents in front of the Märkisches Museum remind us of the symbol of German division. more

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Am Köllnischen Park 5
10179 Berlin
+49 30 24002 162
Opening Hours
Closed for several years of refurbishment.
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Free of charge

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