Kunstgewerbemuseum - Museum of Decorative Arts

Kunstgewerbemuseum - Museum of Decorative Arts

Berlin's Kunstgewerbesmuseum features a splendid collection of decorative arts and home furnishing exhibits ranging from the Middle Ages to the modern day.


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The range of craftsmanship displayed in Berlin’s Kunstgewerbemuseum includes some great treasures such as the medieval Welpenschatz or Guelph Treasure and Emperor Barbarossa’s Baptismal Font as examples of the intricate masterpieces of goldsmiths’ skills as well as silverware of great beauty such as the Lüneberg Council silverware.

The objects which range from ceramics to furniture, jewellery, glass, silverware; Renaissance Majolica and a smattering of utilitarian, everyday household products are displayed, shedding light on the long historical development of the applied arts from the Middle Ages to Art Nouveau. The present day is represented by the recently acquired fashion collection Kamer-Ruf.

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Tiergartenstraße 6
10785 Berlin
+40 30 266 424 242
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Friday 10:00-18:00
Saturday & Sunday 11:00-18:00

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