The ridesharing provider CleverShuttle brings several people with environmentally friendly cars to their destination according to the principle of a shared taxi.


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Please note: Clever Shuttle ceased operations in Berlin on 26 June 2020.
CleverShuttle bundles rides of several passengers who have a similar destination as a ridepooling offer. Not only the route is shared, but also the price. An algorithm calculates the trip in such a way that only short detours occur and the trip time increases by only a few minutes at a time. A favourable fare also applies if no passengers are found.


To use the CleverShuttle service, you need to download the free app from the provider. A trip is booked in three steps: After entering the start and destination address, the required seats must be selected. The fare is then displayed. This and the suggested route must be confirmed. The app tells you immediately when the vehicle will be on site and you can follow the approaching car in real time with the app. Trips cannot be booked in advance and must be within the CleverShuttel business area.

Costs and payment

The fare is calculated from a graduated kilometre price and the number of seats booked. Delays due to traffic jams or short detours to accommodate additional passengers are not charged. The fixed price for a trip is displayed before booking and must be confirmed.
The payment can be made either with cash at the driver's or via the app with Paypal, credit card or credit balance.

Vehicle fleet and business area

CleverShuttel serves pick-up and destination locations in the extended inner city area of Berlin and exclusively uses vehicles with hydrogen or electric drive in Berlin.

Operating hours

In Berlin, CleverShuttle cars run from Monday to Thursday between 5 a.m. and 4 a.m., and continuously from Friday 5 a.m. to Monday 4 a.m..
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