The company Bolt from Estonia has been renting out e-scooters on a sharing basis in Berlin since May 2021.


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The Estonian company Bolt is the youngest provider of e-scooters in the capital. Since May 2021, almost 2000 electric scooters have been available for rent on a sharing basis.

Login and registration

Um die E-Tretroller von Bolt nutzen zu können, muss die dazugehörige kostenlose App heruntergeladen werden. Nach der persönlichen Registrierung kann die Fahrt beginnen.

How to rent and pricing

With the help of the app, an e-scooter can be found in the neighbourhood. Unlocking also works via the app, but the QR code on the scooter must be scanned. The fee for renting the scooters is five cents per minute. There is no extra charge for unlocking.

Important: No e-scooters on sidewalks

Pavements and pedestrian zones are off-limits for electric scooters. Violations may result in a fine. Please do not park your scooter in the middle of sidewalks or driveways.

Area of use and return

Bolt's e-scooters are available for hire mainly in Berlin's city centre, but scooters from the provider can also be found in outlying districts such as Berlin-Spandau. At the end of the ride, the rider is required to take a photo of the parked e-scooter and store it in the app. This is to ensure proper parking. The scooters may only be parked again in the business area, otherwise a penalty fee will be charged.
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