Donkey Republic

Donkey Republic

With the bike rental system Donkey Republic you can rent bikes quickly and easily via app at fixed stations in Berlin.

Donkey Republic

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Donkey Republic is a bicycle rental system based in Copenhagen that rents out bicycles in many different cities. The bikes are station-bound and can be rented over a longer period of time.

Login and registration

As with other bike rental system providers in Berlin, Donkey Republic offers bike rental via an app that can be downloaded free of charge. Once you have registered and entered your personal data, there is nothing to stop you from renting a bike. Payment is made by credit card.

How to rent and pricing

Donkey Republic is a station-bound bicycle rental. The provider's app allows you to find the next station quickly. The electronic lock is unlocked via the app. Now the bicycle can be used as long as desired. It can also be parked in between and locked and unlocked as often as required. If you like, you can rent the bike for a whole week. A rental bike from Donkey Republic in Berlin costs 1.50 euros for half an hour, twelve euros for a whole day and fifty euros for a week.


Donkey Republic's rental bikes must be returned to a station after use. The rental agreement is terminated via the app. Partners of Donkey Republic in Berlin are the shops of Fahrradstation. If problems occur during the ride, they can also be solved here.
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Getting Around

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