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Call a Bike

Call a Bike

If you want to get around completely flexibly by bike within the S-Bahn ring, you can rent one of the bikes from Call a Bike.

With Call a Bike, Deutsche Bahn provides numerous rental bikes in Berlin with the aim of further promoting emission-free mobility in Berlin.


Before you can use the bikes, you have to register via the provider's free app and provide your e-mail, cell phone number and credit card information.


Renting bikes from Call a Bike costs one euro per 15 minutes of use in the starter rate. The daily rate will not exceed nine euros. A maximum of one bike can be borrowed. In the premium rate, a basic fee must be paid. A bike then costs one euro per 30 minutes and the daily rate is capped at five euros. In addition, a second bike can be rented.

Rentals and Returns

Anyone who wants to use a bike from Call a Bike can find free bikes in the area via the app. A QR code is attached to the bike, which must be scanned with the smartphone. The lock then opens by itself. The ride can be paused along the way, but this time counts as ride time. The bike is to be returned at a Call a Bike station, and the return is only free here. A station nearby can be found via the app. Parking away from the stations is also possible, but is charged with a one-euro fee.

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Last edited: 25 July 2022