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If you feel like cycling but don't have your own bike, Nextbike could be for you. The company's rental bikes are available at numerous stations in Berlin.

Nextbike has been operating rental bike systems in numerous cities and countries since 2004, including Berlin. In October 2021, Nextbike was acquired by the Berlin-based company Tier, but the brand remains as "nextbike by Tier".


The Nextbike rental system is fully automated. After registeringv via the free app or at one of the electronic station terminals, users can rent Nextbikes all over the world. Before the first ride, users must choose and activate a payment method - credit card, Paypal or direct debit - in their customer account. For this step a verification amount is debited from your bank account, which will then be available as starting credit. After payment validation is completed, users can rent a bike via the app, by calling the hotline or directly at one of Berlin's rental stations.

Rental Process and Pricing

Nextbike bikes are QR code secured and equipped with a combination lock. After scanning the QR code or entering the bike number into the app, you will receive the 4-digit code to open the lock. This code must be entered into the bike computer, after which the lock will open automatically. If you want to take a break during your ride, the bike can be secured with the lock while rental time continues. One user can rent up to four bikes at the same time.


Your can end your Nextbike at a Nextbike station or anywhere within the S-Bahn ring. Bikes may be parked on any public street as long as they are visible to other users. If the bike is parked outside the S-Bahn ring, a fee of 20 euros will be charged. Renting bikes from Nextbike costs one euro for 15 minutes at the basic rate. The maximum daily rate is 15 euros. For longer rentals, monthly or annual rates can be used.

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Last edited: 20 October 2022