If you feel like cycling but don't have your own bike, the Nextbike sharing offer could be for you: The rental bikes are available at numerous stations in Berlin.


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Nextbike bicycles can be rented in over 50 cities throughout Germany. The bikes can be rented not only by the hour, but also for months or up to a year. Up to four rental bikes can be borrowed from one account. Nextbike was founded in 2004 as a regional company in Leipzig in order to offer a supplement to public transport. Today, 30,000 rental bikes are available in over 25 countries worldwide. The company is co-financed by advertising revenues: The bicycles are equipped with advertising spaces on which campaigns can be placed.

Login and registration

The Nextbike rental system is fully automated. After the free online registration by app or at one of the electronic station terminals, the offer can be used worldwide. A service fee is charged for registration by telephone. Before the first ride, the payment method stored in the customer account - direct debit or credit card - must be activated. For this step a verification amount is debited, which is available as starting credit. Now the user can rent a bike via app or call at one of Berlin's rental stations.

How to rent and pricing

The bicycles are equipped with a combination lock, the respective code is transmitted by SMS or in the app. If you want to interrupt the ride, you can secure the bike with this lock. Nextbike charges a fixed price for every 30 minutes of travel in the normal tariff, which also includes an offer for 24 hours. The RadCard rate is worthwhile for frequent travellers: for an annual flat fee, the first half hour per rental is free. A user can borrow up to four bicycles at the same time. If the customer's account is overdrawn, the additional fees will be debited depending on the method of payment specified - for credit card payments 24 hours after borrowing, for direct debit Nextbike will inform the customer of the debit by SMS.


The return of the bicycles works just like the loan at the Nextbike stations. The bike must be returned within Berlin. The process is completed at the station and confirmed with the help of the app, at the terminal or via the hotline. If all bicycle racks of a station are occupied, the user can simply park the bicycle next to it and secure it with the lock. A station-independent return is not possible.
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Getting Around

Electric scooters, bicycle or car sharing: Berlin has a number of transport options that will let you navigate the city with ease. more

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