Mary Ellen Mark: Retrospective

Mary Ellen Mark: Retrospective

September 15, 2023 - January 19, 2024

Moments of everyday life of people on the margins of society: C/O Berlin presents the first major retrospective of US photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark.

Mary Ellen Mark

© Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark: Indian Circus (Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery)

Explorations of social belonging, otherness, and diverse lives make up the broad and inclusive spectrum of Mary Ellen Mark's (1940-2015) photography, which ranges from portraits to photo journalism and from the United States to Mexico to India.

Showcasing the "Unfamous"

The everyday lives of people on the margins of society - the "unfamous," as she called them - as well as remarkable personalities, social challenges and moments of hope make Mark's work as insightful as it is perceptive. Highs and lows, immediacy and masquerade, vibrant life and death are fundamental elements in the work of this American photographer, who explored current and timeless issues intensely through commissions and personal projects. Her approach was clearly humanistic, intimate and thematic.

At a Glance

Mary Ellen Mark: Retrospective
C/O Berlin
15 September 2023
19 January 2024
Opening Hours
Daily from 11 am to 8 pm
Admission Fee
€10, reduced fee €6

C/O Berlin

Hardenbergstraße 22
10623 Berlin

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