Poetic AI

Poetic AI

06 May to 15 August 2022

The immersive exhibition «Poetic AI» at the Napoleon Complex is a visually powerful journey through interconnected worlds of consciousness based on artificial intelligence.

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In the Napoleon Complex in Friedrichshain, the makers of the experience exhibition promise an «AI journey through the consciousness of the world's most creative artists and geniuses». Physics, art, cosmology, neuroscience and ancient civilisations will be linked and presented in large format. «Poetic AI» comprises a30-minute multimedia show divided into the sections «Poetic AI», «AI Renaissance» and «AI Scientific».

At a glance

Poetic AI
Napoleon Komplex
6. May 2022
15. August 2022
Opening hours
Daily from 10 am to 10 pm
Admission Fee
24,95 Euro, red. 17,95 Euro
Not available on Berlin.de (tickets are also available on site)

Napoleon Komplex

Modersohnstraße 35-45
10245 Berlin

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