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Xposed Queer Film Festival

Regenbogenfahne in Berlin

This international film festival showcases current and classic queer films that show the development of queer life. The festival will be held for the 18th time in 2024.

The Xposed Queer Film Festival Berlin was created to present award-winning queer short films from Australia to an international audience. In recent years, the festival's perspective has broadened: now, from Canada, Korea, Turkey, Spain and the Middle East are presented as well.

Presenting Queer Life on Film

The festival not only shows the most recent queer films and short films from different countries, but also focuses primarily on showing the development and state of queer life in each region. Therefore, the organizers are also looking for lost film treasures and classics of the queer film scene.

At a Glance

Film Festival
Xposed 2024
Wolf Kino, Il Kino and other cinemas in Berlin
30 May 2024
2 June 2024

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