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Black International Cinema

Black International Cinema

The Black International Cinema Festival offers space for intercultural, artistic and intellectual exchange.

The festival program includes film presentations, seminars, discussions, artistic performances and an exhibition. The aim is to give people the opportunity to tell their story from their point of view and thus contribute to making unseen faces visible and unheard voices audible.

Films From All Over the World

The festival shows films from countries as diverse as Argentina, Spain, Israel, Germany, Thailand, Iran, Democratic Republic of Congo, Italy, Iraq, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Cuba, Kenya, Togo, Guinea-Bissau, Colombia, Madagascar and France. This diversity of countries of origin, which varies from year to year, reflects the diverse origins of people living in Europe and Berlin.

At a Glance

Film Festival
Black International Cinema 2023
Not yet known
1 December 2023
3 December 2023
Further dates
November 23 - 27 and December 07 - 11 online

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