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Fotografiska: Cultural Fabric

Ahead of the official opening of Fotografiska in Berlin, the exhibition "Cultural Fabric" explores the power of visual language in relation to art and fashion.

Seven Berlin and international artists will present themselves in a Fotografiska group exhibition with the main theme "Cultural Fabric" at Atelier Gardens. Working with their practice at the intersection of fashion and photography are artists:in Julie Poly (Ukraine), Mous Lamrabat (Belgium), Carlota Guerrero (Spain), Zohra Opoku (Germany), Irene Ha (Netherlands), Cibelle Cavalli Bastos (Brazil), Jojo Gronostay (Germany), Šejla Kamerić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Anna Franceshini (Italy). The first Fotografiska exhibition in Berlin is curated by Marina Paulenka and Thomas Schäfer.

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Cultural Fabric: Rereading the Relationship Between Art and Fashion Practices
Atelier Gardens
23 March 2023
25 March 2023
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Oberlandstraße 26-35
12099 Berlin

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