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Nika Radić: Alles war grün

Surprisingly often, plants and nature formed a central element of a trance experience. Such experiences form the starting point for the installation "Alles war grün" (Everything was green) by the artist Nika Radić.

Since 2018, the artist Nika Radić, who was born in Zagreb and now lives in Berlin, has been working with the technique of hypnosis. This can be seen in her current video work "I will count from ten to one", in which she put the participants in a trance state during a short hypnosis session of about 10 minutes. The daring task was to develop a positive outlook into the future.

Surprisingly often, plants, something green, and nature formed a central element of the trance experience. Radić recorded her sessions in condensed, intimate talking-head settings, in which we see the participants describing their experiences against a black background. On several large monitors embedded in a space and sound installation, "I will count from ten to one" forms the centerpiece of the exhibition. Banner-sized collages of plant fragments transform the sober gallery space, obscuring elements of its architecture and inviting visitors to wander. This is accompanied by a sound tapestry of voices recounting their imaginings. It almost seems as if the installation has grown out of the words of the participants, as if their very personal inner experience has manifested itself in the space.

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Exhibition & Installation
Nika Radić: Alles war grün
CLB Berlin
17 December 2022
15 January 2023
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