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Queen Elizabeth II visits Berlin

Queen Elizabeth II.

In June 2015, Queen Elizabeth II will make a state visit to Germany.

Queen Elizabeth's royal state visit to Germany includes several official appointments in Berlin.

Queen Elizabeth II visits Berlin

On her royal state visit, Queen Elizabeth II is accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. They are visiting at the invitation of Joachim Gauck, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany. The official schedule includes the following appointments and public appearances:

Tuesday 23 June: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrive at Tegel Airport in the early evening.

Wednesday 24 June: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are ceremonially welcomed at Bellevue Palace. They then travel by boat along the River Spree to the Chancellery where the Queen meets Chancellor Angela Merkel. After laying a wreath at Germany’s Central Memorial for the victims of war and dictatorship, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attend the 50th anniversary of the Queen’s Lecture at Berlin's University of Technology. In the evening, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh return to Bellevue Palace for a State Banquet hosted by President Gauck.

Thursday 25 June: The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh travel to Frankfurt with President Gauck. On returning to Berlin in the evening, they attend a Garden Party hosted by the British Ambassador.

Friday 26 June: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh greet members of the public in Pariser Platz and view the Brandenburg Gate with the Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller. After that, they fly from Berlin to Celle and visit the Bergen-Belsen memorial site before departing for the UK.

Where to see the Queen in Berlin

The best chances for the public to catch a glimpse of the Queen in Berlin are on Wednesday during her boat tour and on Friday at Brandenburg Gate. The boat tour starts at around 11:15 at Bellevue Palace and follows the River Spree towards the East up to the Reichstag building. The northern bank of the river is publicly accessible. The southern bank at the terrace of the House of the Cultures of the World, the upper level of the Spreebogenpark and the section between Reichstag and Marschallbrücke are open to the public as well.

On Friday at around 10:00, Queen Elizabeth arrives at Pariser Platz and will stay for about 30 minutes. Access to Brandenburg Gate is possible from 06:30 from several access points. There are security checks. It is prohibited to bring glass or plastic bottles into the closed-off area.

Source: BerlinOnline/The Royal Household

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