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Fête de la Musique: Highlights

Fête de la musique

The Fête de la Musique takes place at more than 100 outdoor and indoor locations in Berlin. These are the highlights in 2024.

At the Fête de la Musique, Berliners and visitors are spoiled for choice: Every year, more than 300 concerts take place on June 21. The 2024 highlights* are currently under construction and will be further expanded as new events are announced.

Fête de la Musique 2024: All Highlights at a Glance

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Brandenburg Gate

As part of the European Football Championship 2024, a special battle will be fought on the stage at the Brandenburg Gate for the Fête. Before the match between France and the Netherlands is broadcast live from Leipzig, breakdancer and choreographer Abdel Chouari will perform a French-German breakdance battle.

Where: Brandenburg Gate
When: 8:10 pm to 9 pm


The Yaam is once again hosting a colourful festival and, as every year, has put together a programme of live music and DJs: There will be a mix of Afrobeat, hip hop, ska, reggae and pop. This year's line-up includes Sindicato de Sonidos, Sonic Interventions, Blessed Love, Roots Daughters, La Gorda Dubs, Lei Di Dai and Yugo Taguchi.

Where: Yaam
When: from 4 p.m.

Centre Français

On 21 June, pop, afrobeats, rock, reggae, folk and ska will fill the air in the gardens of the Centre Français. Every year, the Centre also organises a children's programme for the Fête de la Musique and offers French delicacies. As part of the European Football Championship, the France-Holland match is also shown in the Centre's cinema. This year's line-up includes Boxi Barré, Atomic Fruit, Ginsengbonbon and Kama Orchestra.

Where: Centre Français de Berlin
When: 4 to 10 p.m.

Museum of Communications

The Museum of Communication and the MaLisa Foundation are putting together a programme for this year's Fête that focuses on diversity in the music industry. The program starts with jazz in the afternoon from the UniBigBand, before continuing with Acuario Cósmico, ChrisBo, Rumia, Zentralkapelle Berlin and Mellow Falls.

Where: Museum of Communications
When: 4 pm to 10 pm


Mysterious things are happening in the Quasimodo beer garden this year for the Fête de la Musique. A very special act from Brazil will be performing. Local DJs will provide atmospheric entertainment before and after the main band.

Where: Quasimodo
When: from 4 pm


The Badehaus on the RAW grounds will also be organising a concert for the Fête. The line-up this year consists of FLINTA. They will be joined by Jesus Wore Double Denim, JnnrHndrxx, Ceren, Älice and Lenki Balboa.

Where: Badehaus
When: 4 pm to 10 pm. The paid party "Indie Club Berlin" follows from 10 pm.

Museum of European Cultures

The garden of the Museum of European Cultures (MEK) will become an open-air dance floor at the Fête de la Musique 2024 thanks to groovy acoustic music. Folk, indie pop, rock and chanson: a wide variety of musical styles alternate at the MEK and make for an entertaining evening. The line-up includes Küchenkapelle, Judith Antkowiak, Balu and Mamajoga.

Where: Museum of European Cultures
When: 5 to 10 pm

Ritter Butzke

This year, Club Ritter Butzke is once again inviting you to a free open-air rave in the courtyard. You can dance there until the early hours of Saturday morning. This year's line-up includes Niconé, Dirty Doering, Skala b2b Theologos, Jan Oberlaender, Madmotormiquel, Solvane, Phonique, Katzengold, Gunjah, Kataya, Jonas Herbertson, DiVa Collective and Zini.

Where: Ritter Butzke
When: 5 pm (21 June) to 8 am (22 June)


Up close to the stars: the roof of the Zeiss-Großplanetarium will be transformed into an open-air stage on 21 June 2024. Frytz, Veenus* and David Bay will perform there. The music will then move into the planetarium hall, where Cool Aid, Skuth and Uche Yara will set the mood. As a special highlight, 360° visualisations in the hall will underline the concerts.

Where: Zeiss-Großplanetarium
When: 5 to 11 pm


The Frannz Biergarten is also dedicated to music on 21 June. This year, it is organising the Fête de la Swing. From 4 pm, live bands and dance tastemakers will take to the stage and spread the sound of the roaring twenties. This year's line-up includes Boxi Barré, Toolbox and The Mountain Shouts. Let's swing!

Where: Frannz
Whenn:from 4.30 pm

Wendenschloss lido

The Frannz beer garden is also dedicated to music on 21 June. This year, it is organising the Fête de la Swing. From 4 pm, live bands and dance tastemakers will take to the stage and spread the sound of the roaring twenties. This year's line-up includes Boxi Barré, Toolbox and The Mountain Shouts. Let's swing!

Where: Wendenschloss lido
Whenn:from 4.30 pm


Young music acts provide the best atmosphere on Charlottenburg's Steinplatz. Nine bands will be performing on the lawn as part of this year's Fête. All of the musicians are currently studying at a Berlin university. The acts and bands Topher & Conni, Esther and Hyoi, Leonel, Urban Fringe, Chor Unität, Public Health Care, Damaghead, Yisit and Rundfunk will be performing. Spectators can expect a colourful mix of funk, pop, indie, chanson, rock and punk.

Where: Steinplatz
Whenn:from 4 pm

Park Tempelhofer Feld

The Fête de la Musique on Tempelhofer Feld will be played in the open air. This year, Turkish Story, Bratschen-Offensive, Cellopicknick, Schöneberger Klangkörper and the alphorns and pop bands of the Leo Kerstenberg Music School will be performing. Visitors can look forward to a varied evening of jazz, folk, blues, classical and world music.

Where: Park Tempelhofer Feld
Whenn:from 3 pm

Jockel beer garden

Latin American rhythms on the banks of the Maybach. Cumbia Madness" has broken out in the Jockel beer garden! Papo Yoplack, Tribu Inty Huasi, Alpachino, Los Chacales and Cayeye will provide a furious atmosphere. Tip: Don't forget your dancing shoes.

Where: Jockel
Whenn:from 3 pm

Atelier Gardens

At Tempelhof's Atelier Gardens, all signs point to danceable music. The focus is on house, but there will also be indie, rock, electro, folk and the odd pop influence. Performers will include Daniel Mata, Caro Vola, The Feminists, Qopa'k, Charmi, dOctOr doms, Mindaniel, Archery, Mimi Mitina, Dela Nesto, Ancestral Beats, R2-RO, Cat & Broccoli, RQ-HQ and Stormy Soul.

Where: Atelier Gardens
Whenn: 4 to 10 pm

Salon L'écritoire

The Salon L'écritoire in Gesundbrunnen opens its programme for the Fête with cello and loop artist Moritz Ebert. The evening's programme moves away from the mainstream and features classical opera arias by Gabriele Dumkow and Ivanna Nerlson as well as international poetry settings by Trio Trawy i Kamienie.

Where: Salon L'écritoire for music and literature (Schönwalder Straße 20)
Whenn: 4 to 11 pm


Punk's not dead! At least not on the Pfefferberg. For this year's Fête de la Musique, three punk bands will be performing under the motto "Rock the summer" on the Pfefferberg grounds in Prenzlauer Berg. They include Fading Future, Rising Alma and Echoes & Clouds.

Where: Pfefferberg
Whenn: 6 to 10 pm

Lustgarten at Berlin Cathedral

Choral music in the open air and in a sublime atmosphere: twelve choirs perform in front of Berlin Cathedral from 4 pm. Anyone who thought that choral music was boring and monotonous will soon be proven wrong. Among them are Mirabella & Montag und seine Schwestern, Berliner Singegemeinschaft "Märkisches Ufer", Frauenchor Mahlsdorf, Gemischter Chor Weißensee "LiedGut", Gemischter Chor der Polizei Berlin, Jede Woche Anders, Lichtenberger Kammerchor "Piekfeine Töne", Soundshake, Berliner Soulchor, ver.diChor Berlin, Moving Colours and Ladies reChoired.

Where: Lustgarten at Berlin Cathedral
Whenn: 4 to 10 pm

Gutsgarten in Hellersdorf

Many Berliners know the Prinzessinengarten Kollektiv from the community garden on Moritzplatz in Kreuzberg. For the Fête de la Musique, the collective invites you to discover the Gutsgarten in Hellersdorf. The programme includes the following bands: David Carlsson, Stimmfisch, The Dorfs and Shy Out Loud.

Where: Gutsgarten in Hellersdorf
Whenn: from 4 pm

Klinke Garten

Deckchairs, cocktails and barbecues: The garden of the youth cultural centre "Die Klinke" will be rocking in the open air for the Fête de la Musique. Performing will be: Herbst, Die Notlösung, Letters from Eden, OrganicFat and Tango Bravo.

Where: Die Klinke (Bruno Baum Str. 56)
Whenn: from 4 pm

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