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Zeughausmesse - Decorative Arts Fair

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  • Zeughausmesse im Deutschen Historischen Museum

The Zeughausmesse is one of the leading fairs for applied contemporary art. It provides artists and designers with the opportunity to present and sell their work to design connoisseurs.

Touching is allowed: visitors to the Zeughausmesse can get up close and personal with the objects on display because Modern Craft lays its focus not only on the aesthetics of an object, but also on its use. The hats, furniture, bags, jewelry and lamps presented at the fair combine craftsmanship of the highest quality with experimental designs. As a meeting point for the applied arts in Berlin, the Zeughausmesse also offers visitors the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with the artists.

Zeughausmesse at Kühlhaus

As the name suggests, the Zeughausmesse traditionally takes place in the Zeughaus (Armory) of the German Historical Museum. However, due to extensive renovation work, the Zeughaus will be closed until the end of 2025. The fair will therefore take place in the Kühlhaus in Kreuzberg.

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Zeughausmesse Fair for Art and Design 2023
Kühlhaus Berlin
16 November 2023
19 November 2023
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