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  • Wedding - Around Leopoldplatz

    Müllerstraße in Wedding

  • Wedding - Around Leopoldplatz


  • Wedding - Afrikanisches Viertel

    Street Signs in Afrikanisches Viertel

  • Wedding - Sprengelkiez

    Playground on Sparrplatz

  • Summer in Wedding

    Rathenau Memorial, Rehberge Public Parc

  • Plötzensee

    Outdoor pool at Plötzensee

  • Wedding - Afrikanisches Viertel

    Boats at the Outdoor pool at Plötzensee

  • Wedding

    Eschenbräu Brewery and beer garden

  • Wedding


  • Wedding


In the former working-class district, retired workers now live alongside immigrants and students in quite affordable old buildings. The lido attracts many visitors every summer.

Wedding combines several neighborhoods that, as different as they may be, all have something in common: the population structure. Due to the strong industrial character of the district during the 19th and 20th century, mainly workers settled in what used to be called "red Wedding". The long past as a working-class neighborhood can still be felt today.

Cultural Melting Pot

Today, workers have been joined by people of all professions. The unique mix of classic workers' housing and old buildings at affordable rents attracts many students and artists today. Together with the high proportion of migrants, the result is a colorful mix: Wedding is a true melting pot of cultures. Here, shisha bars open next to currywurst stands and the weekly market offers Turkish fabrics as well as organic fruit from Brandenburg.

Transport Connections

Wedding is more of a residential district than a center of Berlin nightlife. You can enjoy an evening in one of the numerous cafés and pubs, but those looking for trendy nightclubs will not find them here. Of course, that does not mean Wedding residents have to spend their weekends at home. Thanks to the district's excellent transport connections and the central location of the district, you can quickly get to Prenzlauer Berg or Friedrichshain.

Leopoldplatz and Müllerstraße

Leopoldplatz, also called Leo by Berliners for short, is located in the western part of Wedding. The square is adorned by the Nazareth Church built by Schinkel. Müllerstraße, which borders the square, offers numerous shopping opportunities. The Beuth University of Applied Sciences gives this neighborhood a student flair. New bars and pubs are constantly opening around Müllerstraße and real estate agents are increasingly courting student tenants. The Charité also has one of its main Berlin locations here.

Afrikanisches Viertel

Northwest of Leopoldplatz is Afrikanisches Viertel (African Quarter), where the street names refer to German colonization in Africa. Within the neighborhood lies the Friedrich Ebert housing estate, built under the architects Paul Mebes and Paul Emmerich from 1928 to 1939. The housing estate is under monumental protection. From here, you can quickly reach the spacious Rehberge Public Park with the outdoor pool at Plötzensee, as well as Schillerpark.


South of the Leo lies the Sprengelkiez around Sparrplatz, which is why it is also called "Sparrplatz-Kiez". Here, an above-average number of people live together in a relatively small area. The many five-story apartment buildings here were built at the beginning of the 20th century in order to achieve optimal property utilization. This neighborhood also features the unique cultural mixture makes life in Wedding so interesting.

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