Marzahn has become more colorful over the last decades. The grey prefabricated concrete buildings been rebuilt and renovated since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Various attractions have also been added: the old village center has been revived, the windmill "Bockwindmühle", the main landmark of Marzahn, has been built, and the Marzahn recreational park has been expanded.

The Gardens of the World contain the largest Chinese garden in Germany, called "Garden of the Recovered Moon". The gardens are a popular tourist attraction. The district also has some other green corners, such the Wuhletal meadows with their small river, and the third highest mountain in Berlin - the Kienberg.

The former Berlin district of Marzahn now belongs to the administrative district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf. It is divided into the two districts Marzahn and Biesdorf.

Portrait of Marzahn

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District of Marzahn

Marzahn is home to the largest housing estate of the former GDR. However, there are also some neighborhoods of single-family houses. The old village center has been preserved and is under monumental protection. more

Biesdorf Nord
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Like the neighboring districts of Kaulsdorf and Mahlsdorf, Biesdorf has an almost village-like character with many single-family houses and spacious garden plots. more

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Marzahn: Useful Information

The most important addresses in Marzahn: schools, authorities, hospitals, restaurants, leisure facilities and more. more

Photos of Marzahn:

  • Marzahn-East© Franziska Delenk
  • Gardens of the World
  • Wolkenhain© dpa
    The IGA cloud grove "Wolkenhain"
  • Chinese Mooncake Festival 2015© dpa
    Chinese Mooncake Festival in the Gardens of the World
  • Sultan's Festival in the Gardens of the World© dpa
    Sultan's Festival in the Gardens of the World
  • Schafe auf der B158© dpa
    Flock of sheep in Marzahn