Kaulsdorf has suburban character and many single-family houses as well as a few prefabricated housing estates in the north.

  • Kaulsdorf Süd© Franziska Delenk
  • Kaulsdorf Süd© Franziska Delenk
  • Kaulsdorf Soth - Dorfstraße© Franziska Delenk
  • Kaulsdorf-South© Franziska Delenk
    Rural flair in the old village center
  • Kaulsdorf-South© Franziska Delenk
    Houses on Dorfstraße
  • Kaulsdorf-North© Franziska Delenk
    Prefabricated buildings in Kaulsdorf-North
  • Kaulsdorf© Franziska Delenk
  • Spring Berlin© dpa
    The "Berlin balcony" between the districts of Kaulsdorf and Mahlsdorf. The wooden artwork reminds visitors of the Bock windmill, which stood here from 1808 to 1936.

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