Stralauer Kiez

Stralauer Kiez

Located between Kreuzberg and the more lively part of Friedrichshain, the Stralauer Kiez has many new buildings with a view of the water. However, a lot of beautiful old buildings still remain.

  • Cyclists on the Stralau peninsula© dpa
    Cyclists on the Stralau peninsula
  • Alte Teppichfabrik in Alt-Stralau© dpa
    The old carpet factory in Alt-Stralau
  • Friedrichshain - Rudolfkiez© Franziska Delenk
    Oberbaumcity: Tower of the former Osram Narva lamp city
  • Friedrichshain - Stralau© Franziska Delenk
    Townhouses on the Stralau peninsula
  • Elsen Bridge© dpa
    Boats sail against the backdrop of the Elsen Bridge, thr TV Tower and the Treptowers in Rummelsburg Bay.
  • Berlin by night© dpa
    An evening view of the river Spree towards Oberbaumbrücke.
  • Sunrise in Rummelsburg Bay© dpa
    Sunrise in Rummelsburg Bay
  • Friedrichshain - Rudolfkiez© Franziska Delenk
    Zwinglikirche on Rudolfplatz

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