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The VAk has been a permanent member of the European SCEPSTA network (“Standing Conference of European Public Service Training Agencies”) for many years. SCEPSTA is a group of European non-profit institutions offering training and development for employees of the public service, politicians and managers. It was founded in 1973 and has, since then, developed into a vivid network with regular participants from over 15 countries.

SCEPSTA holds an annual meeting (the Annual Conference) which takes place in a different European capital every year. Themes of current relevance related to the training and development of public services are discussed there. The Verwaltungsakademie Berlin hosted the 2015 Conference in Berlin on the topic “Public Organisation Leadership Competencies: skills and tools for future challenges. What makes Public Organisation Leadership successful and how can training help?”

For further information on SCEPSTA please visit the organisation’s website: SCEPSTA


The goal of the “International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration“ (IASIA) network is to improve public administration on an international scale. At present, IASIA consists of 194 corporate and collective members as well as 5 individual members, representing all continents and geographic regions of the world.

The idea to create an international network of public administration experts and institutions was first brought up in 1961, when a Round Table Conference – sponsored by the International Institute of Administrative Sciences and organised by Donald C. Stone, Dean of the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh took place in Lisbon. The participants in the event realized that an international platform was needed for the exchange of knowledge and for mutual support in the areas of education, training and research in public administration. Eventually, IASIA was founded.

IASIA’s vision is to improve administrative sciences around the world by promoting good governance and by supporting the pursuit of modern and accountable public administration; its mission is to strengthen administrative capacity-building, to advance excellence in public administration education and training as well as to conduct, discuss and disseminate “smart practices” of member entities and cutting-edge research on governance and administration.

For further information on IASIA please visit the organisation’s website: IASIA