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Ladies Steak Tasting

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Ladies Steak Tasting Berlin
How can you identify good meat? How long does a dry-aged steak need to mature for? What do you need to watch out for when preparing a steak? All of these questions are answered at our steak tasting for women and put into practice right away. Find out everything you always wanted to know about good meat, and taste the difference.
The nice thing about equality is that a dinner for women of the world doesn't have to consist solely of salad and steamed fish. Strong flavours dominate our exclusive Ladies Steak Tasting for 3 or more people in Brechts Steakhaus. Discover the subtle differences between the different preparation and ageing methods and find out which meat and which preparation method tastes best to you.
A versatile range of meat varieties for tasting
We will show you that steak tastings are not just for men and will take you along on a culinary journey through the most tender types of meat. Our head chef, Christoph Ganzert, serves the best cuts of beef there are: Tomahawk, Irish roast beef and dry-aged rib eye. Ganzert only uses meat of the highest quality from humanely raised animals and from trusted suppliers.
Let our meat specialties melt in your mouth and notice the difference between the different ageing methods. To go with it, you'll also get Crémant rosé and freshly prepared side dishes!
Our special highlight is the tender dry-aged steak. This is dry-aged meat that has been hung for several weeks and thus loses its liquid. The result is a particularly intense flavour and delicate texture.
Exclusive 3-course menu
Steak tasting for women
  • Starter: flambéed carpaccio

  • Main course: tomahawk, dry-aged rib eye and Irish roast beef, including side dishes

  • Dessert: homemade sorbet

Incl. 1 glass of Crémant rosé per person.
Duration: 2-3 hours
Reserve your place
Book our steak tasting for ladies and look forward to an evening in good company with good food in Brechts steak restaurant. At our establishment, the love for a good piece of meat is not only there for all to see, but, above all, to be tasted. And it's not only exquisite dishes for which we score points. Our location in the heart of Berlin also contributes to an unforgettable evening! A fantastic view of the Spree invites you to while away the time.
So, forget everyday life for a few hours and let yourself be tempted by our meat specialties.

• The finest types of meat for ladies of the world
• Premium dry-aged steak restaurant
• Includes a bottle of Crémant for the group
• Meat of the highest quality from humanely reared animals
• Tolle Geschenkidee: Gutschein kaufen!

• Please bring your Covid certificate (either vaccinated or recovered).
• Bis maximal 20 Teilnehmer (mindestens 6)
• Dauer: 150 Minuten

Bitte mitbringen:
  • Please bring your booking confirmation with you to the steak tasting.

  • Please bring your Covid certificate (either vaccinated or recovered).

Preis: 84 € (Ladies Steak Tasting 3-course menu (price per person))

Bitte beachten:
  • Please be in the restaurant no later than 15 minutes after the start time of your booking or inform us in good time of any delays, otherwise places may be given away to others.

  • Please let us know if you have any food intolerances in the booking comment.

  • We reserve the right to make last-minute changes to the menu.

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