Information regarding eInformation

Legal basis

The legal basis of eInformation is provided in § 14 of the Trade Regulations (GewO). Pursuant to this article, basic information i.e. the name, address, and activities of a company may be made publicly available. Further information is subject to the limiting regulations of § 14 sections 7, 8, 11, and 12 of the Trade Regulations GewO.

Scope of the Company Register of eInformation

Via eInformation you will find all businesses that are currently registered with Berlin’s District Offices. Only registered users may access information about companies that have been de-registered. Information about freelancers such as architects, lawyers, and doctors is not included in the database.

Up-do-dateness of eInformation

The data provided is updated on a daily basis. However, Berlin’s District Offices can only provide commercial data that is reported by the companies. If individual businesses do not provide commercial notification, their details are obviously not included in the eInformation database.

Information restrictions

All companies can request that their company details are not disclosed as business information. Such information restrictions must be applied for in writing with the competent District Office in Berlin, including sufficient reasons.