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Parking in Berlin

Parken könnte für Anwohner

Parking spaces are In high demand and therefore hard to find in Berlin. Especially in the city center, parking your car often becomes an expensive affair.

Parking management in Berlin

In parts of downtown Berlin and in the center of Spandau, the state of Berlin relies on parking-space management. This means that parking on public streets, i.e. at the side of the road or in other areas cleared for parking, is subject to charges in the correspondingly designated areas. There are currently 56 parking zones in Berlin (as of January 2023). The district in which the parking zone is located is responsible for their management.

Getting a parking ticket

Anyone who parks their vehicle in a parking zone must draw a parking ticket from the ticket machine. The machines accept coins. Payment by cell phone is also possible in many cases; however, prior registration is required for this, and depending on the provider, additional charges may apply. Depending on the individual parking zone, 25 or 75 cents may be charged for fifteen minutes, one or two euros per hour, or some other amount. The parking ticket must be placed in the car so that it is clearly visible from the outside.

Parking garages in Berlin

Similar prices to those in outside parking zones also apply in many of the city's parking garages, with some offering inexpensive daily rates. Parking garages are located mainly in high-traffic areas, such as near train stations, shopping centers and department stores, or tourist attractions. Many of them are underground parking garages. Some hotels also offer paid parking.

Applying for a resident parking permit

People residing in Berlin whose house or apartment is located in a parking zone can obtain a resident parking permit. An application can be obtained at the responsible district office. The permit allows free parking in the parking zone in which the vehicle owner is registered and is valid for a maximum of two years. The administrative fee is currently €20.40 for the specified period (as of January 2023). Guest vignettes can be applied for by the day or by the week.

Park & Ride in Berlin

The park & ride principle is intended to limit commuter traffic in the inner city. On the outskirts of Berlin, there are specially designated parking spaces at many regional train, S-Bahn and underground stations. Motorists can park their car free of charge and continue their journey by train, saving themselves the drive and the search for a parking space in the city center.

Car got towed?

If the car is no longer where it was parked, motorists should call the police. By calling +49 (0)30) 4664709800, the information and tracing center provides information on relocated vehicles - i.e. vehicles that have been towed away and parked at a different location. The transfer costs are collected from the parking violators at the fines office. The fees range from 52 to 565 euros (as of January 2022), depending on the type of removal, vehicle, and client. In addition to the public order office, the police itself and the BVG also get cars towed. Empty journeys also have to be paid.

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