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Police stations, emergency numbers and other information about the police in Berlin.

Schriftzug "Polizei"

The Berlin Police (Polizei) is one of the institutions in charge of the order and safety in the Germany capital. Police officers stand by to protect the people in the city and enforce the law. There are police stations in every city district.

Emergency numbers

Police: 110

Fire brigade and ambulance: 112

How to contact the police

If you encounter police officers in uniform, do not hesitate to approach them if you need help. You can also go to one of the local police stations. The quickest way to contact the police is by phone. The central emergency telephone number of the police is 110. Calls to this number can be made from landline telephones, public telephones and mobiles. They are always free of charge. Calls are answered within seconds. It takes only a couple of minutes until the police arrive on site.

When to call the police

Please call 110 only if you or someone else is in danger. If this is not the case and you would like to contact the Berlin police about something else such as advice or general information, you can call them at +49 30 4664-4664. In case of an accident with injuries, please call 112 for an ambulance. Please note that the abuse of the emergency number is liable to prosecution and financial consequences.

Jacket with the sign of the Berlin Police

Safety: Beware of Fake Police Officers

If you are approached by a police officer and asked to open your bag for a thorough search for drugs, don't be too alarmed: It might be a trickster looking for your cash.  more

Calling the police in an emergency

When you call the police at 110, the operator will ask you to state the nature of the emergency and answer a couple of questions:

  • What happened? Please describe the emergency, possible injuries and dangers
  • Where did it happen? Please tell the operator the location of the emergency
  • Who is calling? Please state your name, location and phone number

Be as brief and precise as possible when answering these questions and wait for the police to arrive on site.

How to find the nearest police station

Source: BDE/Berlin Police

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