Dance at Berlin's Smallest Club inside a Telephone Booth

Dance at Berlin's Smallest Club inside a Telephone Booth

A whole club on two square metres: At two locations in Berlin, partygoers can use telephone booths as their personal dance floors.

  • Eine Teledisko© dpa
    In the "teledisko" the visitor can choose his favourite song.
  • Disco-Telefonzelle© dpa
    The initiators of the "teledisko" call the converted telephone booth the "smallest disco in the world".
  • Disco-Telefonzelle© dpa
  • Disco-Telefonzelle© dpa
"Telediskos" are a counter-movement to the usual Saturday night destinations. Inside the old telephone booths, which are equipped with light and music systems, visitors can pick their favourite song for two euros and dance away. There is also an option to take party photos and print them right on site. Another advantage of partying inside the mini discos: you can choose with whom you want to dance.

Location at RAW and Kater Blau

The so-called Telediskos can be found on the RAW site in Friedrichshain and in the nightclub Kater Blau. Three other booths have no fixed location and can be booked individually. In the beginning, the mini-discos were rarely used, but have since enjoyed great popularity.

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