Mini discos in Berlin telephone booths

Mini discos in Berlin telephone booths

They are probably the smallest discos in Berlin: At two locations in the capital, partygoers can use telephone booths as their personal dance floors.

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    In the "teledisko" the visitor can choose his favourite song.
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    The initiators of the "teledisko" call the converted telephone booth the "smallest disco in the world".
  • Disco-Telefonzelle© dpa
  • Disco-Telefonzelle© dpa
"Telediskos" are a counter-movement to the usual Saturday night destinations. In the old telephone booths, which are equipped with light and music systems, every visitor can pick his favourite song for two euros and dance away. For four euros there is also a photo, for six euros yur get a video from the mini-party. But the telephone booth parties have another advantage: you can choose with whom you want to dance.

Locations: "RAW" and "Kater Blau"

The Telediskos can be found at the R.A.W. site in Friedrichshain and in the nightclub Kater Blau. Three booths have no fixed location and can be booked individually. In the beginning, the mini-discos were rarely used, but since have enjoyed great popularity.
Club Berghain
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