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Blue Man Group

Berlin's favorite show experience is back! The connection between the audience and the Blue Men is intense and surprising - during the show as well as before and after.

When the Blue Man Group let the bass beat of their drums sound for the first time at Potsdamer Platz in spring 2004, nobody suspected that the deep roar would one day be part of the creative heartbeat of Berlin. Blue Men - perennial favorites. A lot has happened to Blue Man Group in the last 16 years, but one thing has remained the same: Blue Man Group continues to enjoy unwavering popularity among Berliners and tourists alike, and has become the most successful long-run show in the German capital over the years. And we have no intention whatsoever of changing this in any way. On the contrary! 

Blue Man Group wouldn't be Blue Man Group if they didn't reinvent themselves from time to time. The word standstill does not exist in the Blue Man Group universe. That's why Blue Man Group is always new, always different and always surprising.

The connection between the audience and Blue Man is always intense, deep and surprising. During the show as well as before and after. Already when entering the Stage Bluemax Theater the borders between stage and auditorium become more and more blurred. As a visitor you are very close. In addition to familiar elements such as Feast, Gumballs and Marshmallows and the paintdrumming that has become a trademark, current topics around social media, connectivity and technology as well as virtual reality will make their way into our show. And it will do so in exactly the way you wouldn't expect, guaranteed. Promise! 

Blue Man Group is unique in Germany. This 'Blue Man Group' only exists in Berlin! Therefore: Join the Party. Celebrate Life!

Blue Man Group in Berlin

Runtime: Tue, 16/07/2024 to Sun, 31/08/2025

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