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Theater des Westens

Theater des Westens

Tried and tested musical goods and an eventful past: Berlin's oldest musical theatre proves to be unshakable: Theater des Westens (Theater of the West).

Thalia, the muse of drama, adorns the entrance of the musical theatre on Kantstraße. She wrinkles her nose a little. Somehow she raises her eyes, as Kantians like to do, and looks into the "starry sky above me". But this does not have to be interpreted as a comment on the events in the stage house behind her. Rather as a sigh to the location: the traffic flows thickly in front of the house, which is closely related to the street. The stone muse really has a hard time, here at the entrance to the light muse. But Broadway, which the operators of Stage Entertainment have been trying to extend into Berlin's Kantstrasse since the 2003/04 season, is also surrounded by metropolitan traffic.

Current events at Theater des Westens

  • So05.05.202419:00 Uhr
  • Mo07.10.202420:00 Uhr
    Tindersticks - Tour 2024

    Theater des Westens

  • Mo13.05.202420:00 Uhr
    Chris Botti

    Theater des Westens

  • Mo09.12.202420:00 Uhr
  • Do17.10.202420:00 Uhr

Theater des Westens Berlin

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Kantstr. 12
10623 Berlin
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